At present, we often encounter situations where people are not in their proper place; moreover, they do not even think about where they would like to be and who with. All this is due to the fact that a person filled with fears and filled with insecurity are not able to understand their feelings. But it is precisely the attention to one's feelings that is the way to find one's destiny.
Our goal is to show people that a person can truly love another one only if they love their own self.
We decided to show love for our own selves through a challenge to society - the story of a girl’s choice in favor of another girl, who is like-minded and understands her. Leaving her husband, who she was unhappy with, is a difficult step to her benefit.
Every person has the right to love, and, first of all, their own self. After all, starting from self-love, one will be able to find the right path. Our video is about how a person will be happy only when they listen and understand their own feelings. One will be in harmony with oneself when they decide to follow their own desires and not the wishes of the society in some matters that cannot and should not be imposed on them.
The clip was done in 1 shooting day - 8 hours of work. The first part of the video was filmed outdoors, many scenes were completely improvised, which set a dynamic pace, adding a taste of freedom to the actions of the actresses. The conditions were quite difficult - light clothing as the plot was planned on the one hand, and near-zero temperatures and rain on the other. However, the entire film crew was absorbed in the magic of synchro.
In the studio, the action was even more mesmerizing because there was no noise from cars, rain and cold wind. We finished an hour earlier than planned, because each member of the team understood and knew their job exactly. The clip shows the story of formation of true love. Popular Ukrainian actresses Kateryna Molchanova and Daria Plakhtiy became the main characters of the clip.
"I am the narrator in this video. The love came unexpectedly to the heroine of the video, where she did not even expect it, as is often happens in life. And I want the viewer to understand the main message: always listen to your heart, it will never tell you anything bad. And if you do not like something in life - you should not be afraid of change, surround yourself with people who you are comfortable with, who you live to the fullest with. Remember that love is paramount,”commented Denis Kalytovskyi.
According to the plot, the girl (Daria Plakhtiy) works as a model and came to the studio photo session for the first time (Kateryna Molchanova is the photographer). Their meeting changed their own perception of the world and attitude to love.


Order details:
Actresses: Kateryna Molchanova and Daria Plakhtiy
Work on 3 locations was performed in 1 shooting day.
Different versions have been developed:
  • 2 languages: Ukrainian and English;
  • 2 versions of events: for YouTube and TV.

Marketing Metrics:
Coverage: more than 1 million people
Advertising: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook
The number of views of the video on YouTube in 1 month: 182,000 people

Google ADS:
Views: 159 457
Price: UAH 21,700
Average viewing time: 2:05
Average viewing percentage: 63.5%

TikTok ADS:
Views: 159 457
Price: UAH 5 112

Facebook ADS:
Views: 159 457
Price: $ 192,99
Coverage: 168 439
Clics: 4 963

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