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Often in show business, there are professionals in their field who are not sure that they can share their knowledge, as they consider themselves insufficiently prepared to teach others. However, any information from a person who has achieved heights of their profession is a real treasure in the world of show business, just like in any other sector. That is why we came up with an idea to create a show where Yana, a successful singer and most importantly, the writer of her own lyrics and music (and many songs of other celebrities), tells everyone who might be interested in HOW she writes music and songs.
Our goal is to give people an opportunity to gain knowledge from talented people, as well as to believe in themselves, because it makes sense for any person who has achieved heights in something to share with others the methods that have led them to a certain level of development of their own skills.

We filmed several clips, where Yana, the singer Jerry Heil composes three songs for different artists, one of which the artist then chooses on live show for themselves. We also showed the full preparation stage for writing songs for a certain singer - how Yana does the analysis and selection of key melodies and words in the songs she writes. Then, the process of writing music and words is featured, and in the end, a call with a star.
The implementation of one YouTube production takes from 2 to 3 hours of shooting time. The entire show was filmed at Yana's place of residence.

Деталі замовлення:
It was necessary to invent a mechanic that increase coverage in 2 weeks. Than JerryHeil released the song,

Achieving the goal was divided into 3 stages.
  1. Public signing of the declaration with the price of the word shave naked.
  2. The path to weight loss. Daily presentation of busy reports. The media captured the news and everyone was waiting for the date when the goal should be met. If she doesn't have time to do it, Yana will be a fox.
  3. On the eve of the date, many photos and videos were prepared, which natively showed that the goal was not achieved and Yana shaved.

Marketing Metrics:
Total coverage: more than 1 million people.
Number of views on Instagram: 315,000 people on one post alone.
More than 35 media outlets reported on the news.
Invitation to release in the morning program breakfast for 1 + 1.

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